Lesosai 2017

Thermal energy balance calculations of a building's construction.

    The product of experience in thermal modelling of buildings since 1984
  • Easy to install and use (gbXLM import, wizard for pre project and renovation)
  • Conforms to the latest European, French, Luxembourgian and Swiss Standards
  • Official weather data from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Roumania and France
  • Screen languages are in French, German, English and Italian (multilingual version).
  • Minergie, DGNB, Effinergie, BREEAM, LENOZ, SIA380/1, SIA380/4, EN 13790, DLGs 311, SIA384.201, RT2005, RT2012, SIA2044, SIA382/2,...

Web site: www.lesosai.com




E4tech, together with the building material providers Flumroc, Isover, Morandi, Pavatex, Swisspor, Tuileries de Fribourg et Lausanne and with a contribution of the Fraunhofer Institute, developed a new open source format in XML (Extensible Markup Language).

The new tool allows providers to manage independently their own building material database and does not require a central database. The building physics softwares can access the various decentralised databases via a DLL (Dynamic Link Library).

Web site: www.MaterialsDB.org




 Building physics and life cycle assessment calculations.
  • The USai and Eco-bat software tools have been merged to facilitate the work of professionals in the building sector. The result is the first software that makes it possible to analyse the U value, thermal inertia and life cycle assessment of a construction (homogeneous and inhomogeneous). Its intuitive interface and our outstanding customer support will enable you to quickly generate reliable results and realize projects on time along with cost savings.

Web site: www.eco-sai.com



E4tech's Sustainable Buildings Group is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and has more than 25 years experience in developing building energy modelling software in line with a range of European and Swiss standards including EN 832, EN 13789, EN 13790 and EN 12831. SIA 380/1, Minergie® and Minergie® P.

E4tech's flagship software product, Lesosai, has now been developed to meet UK market requirements and named 'ECAT'.

  • Easy to install and use - ECAT allows designers to check building energy performance compliance with UK Building Regulations Part L2 (non domestic) without previous energy modelling experience. It Incorporates SBEM, the DCLG approved National Calculation Tool.
  • TLCA feature - ECAT can calculate a building's 'carbon footprint' taking into account lifetime CO2 emissions and energy associated with both the building materials and the building in use.
  • ECAT includes additional functionality to assist users in optimising energy performance including calculation of thermal characteristics of building envelope elements. ECAT also has a CEN (EN13790) calculation mode.

Web site: www.ecat-buildings.com


Radiaconf 1.1 beta

Thermal comfort analysis

  • Beta version
  • Use Fanger work and EN ISO 7730
  • Results shows in 3d graphics
  • Screen languages are in French
  • Official weather data from Switzerland

Web site: www.radiaconf.com


Hoda 2.0

Software and database developed within the EU project Hope

The database is designed both to contain the data collected in a standard format, and to perform analysis of the data to a standard level, e.g. calculation of pre-defined parameters as Building Symptom Index.

HoDa contains the building information: a list of buildings, the checklist information and the questionnaire data. Checklist data is entered in five tabbed sections: description of the building, services, mechanical ventilation, use and energy, and information on individual apartments where appropriate. Questionnaire data were coded in advance and entered in standard format for offices and for homes.